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Josh & Ikram Goldman with Mickey Boardman

Josh & Ikram Goldman with Mickey Boardman

April 24, 2012

Ikram Goldman Mickey Boardman

Blogger Spotlight: Kelsey Kreiling

Blogger Spotlight: Kelsey Kreiling

April 23, 2012

Kelsey Kreiling Anna Jane Bridal

Ok, so she’s not really a blogger, she’s much more than that. Kelsey Kreiling is the mastermind behind Laundry Magazine, an online publication featuring gorgeous editorials alongside provocative stories. This editor-in-chief is also a talented fashion designer with her own bridal line, Annie Jane. Fueled by a seemingly limitless amount of energy and passion, Kelsey is a one-woman fashion powerhouse.

Kelsey Kreiling Laundry Magazine

Did I mention she kicks ass? It’s not only because of her lust-worthy purple locks of hair, although her fearless choice is certainly further evidence of her awesomeness. Kelsey is one of those rare creative people who radiates warmth towards everyone around her, making her one of my favorite people to run into at events. I wish more people were like Kelsey; into fashion for the art of it as opposed to the image of it. Authenticity isn’t a brand you can buy on Michigan Avenue – you either have it, or you don’t.

Lauren's Louboutins & My Refinery29 Shoe Slideshow

Lauren’s Louboutins & My Refinery29 Shoe Slideshow

April 22, 2012

christian louboutin chicago street style

I was stoked to photograph Refinery29’s Chicago’s April street-style slideshow featuring shoe stalking pics from around the city. Check out the rest of the gorgeous kicks here!

Although the Louboutins above weren’t included in the final cut I thought Lauren Chu’s (fashion blog: ldotcdot) taste in footwear deserved to be recognized. I know I rip on Louboutins often, and this has everything to do with my taste (or some might consider lack thereof). You know the crude saying about opinions… Anyway, I prefer understated shoes to complement an outfit; most Louboutins are obnoxious and selfishly keep eyes focused on themselves, detracting from the clothing above. Complex shoes walk a fine line… that’s the end of the bad jokes, I promise! Some women have a passion for ostentatious shoes, which I respect. To each their own. It’s just not for me and my personal style! Although you know I totally love to photograph them.. let’s be real here.

Click here to see the rest of Lauren’s sleek, dark look for the ultimate in black palette perfection. I myself own a pair of Louboutin Simple 85 pumps, which I consider to be the perfect heel. I bought mine in 2007, as a junior in college at Michigan State, and I wore them to class all the time. Of course, I spent the whole time sitting (duh), so let’s not pretend that’s a great feat. Semi-annual visits to Brooks have kept these babies in great condition, but the time is nearing for me to purchase a new replacement pair.  Quiet, comfortable (for a heel), and that sexy flash of a red sole makes the most boring Louboutins the greatest ones of all.