Tan lines aside, I really thought Camille put together a cute outfit. It was swelteringly hot outside and I thought she did a great job balancing the way she revealed her skin. Wearing high waisted pants with essentially a “boob tube” is brilliant because obviously a boob tube and shorts would be too much. Fashion is all about navigating that fine line, right?

At the same time, is there anything more indicative of being in the throes of summer than a nice bathing suit tan?

Wicker Park Fest: Diner Dress

Unnamed pink diner dress
I snapped this woman at Wicker Park Fest wearing what looked to be a vintage diner waitress uniform. She was in too much of a rush to chat so I missed grabbing her name, but I did get the shot. If any of you know her please leave her first name (and only first name) in the comments section. Thanks!

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Wicker Park Fest: Rebecca

Rebecca Free People

First things first – how beautiful is Rebecca? I spotted her outside of Free People where she works trying to get customers to shop inside the store during Wicker Park Fest.