Street Style: Tatiana, Burgundy Madness

December 24, 2011  |  Individuals, River North, Streetstyle, Trends

I took this photo a few months ago back when I was playing with camera angles. Tatiana and jaw-dropping beauty and understated yet luxurious style made her an easy subject for my lens to practice different background framing techniques. She was very gracious to work with!

I know I’ve made this point several times on my blog: the Fall/Winter 2011-12 season is all about burgundy pants. Not only did the style analysts at Gap identify this as a dominant trend in the collections, both Christine of My Style Pill and myself have been rocking the burgundy Gap corduroys all fall. I even did a whole post about the trend. Tatiana provides more evidence that burgundy is the pants color of the season.

I would also like to note that Tatiana’s monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag works well with her look. Normally I despise all handbags that are swathed in logo monogram prints regardless of the designer. I find it tacky and just plain ugly. But here, some unexplainable quantum physics paradox is at play because I actually like how this bag looks in the context of her outfit. Just goes to show you, never say never!

Justin, Not (Yet) A Model?

If only all men looked as good as Justin did when hitting the streets after a long work-out. When I approached him I asked if he was a model since several of the agencies have offices near the Magnificent Mile. He seemed genuinely shocked that I asked him that before laughing “oh my God no, I just came from spin class! No one’s ever told me I could be a model.” 
Despite his soaring height (well over 6 ft tall) he seemed quite young to me. My belief is that he just hasn’t been scouted yet. With a look this strong and style this sharp, it’s only a matter of time.

Salvador, Chicago & Wabash

Salvador Amy