New York Street Style: Blowing in the Wind

Billowing Coat
Here is another amazing candid photo from New York fashion week last September that I haven’t had a chance to publish yet. This photo is a persuasive argument for wearing full-length coats and sticking to a neutral color palette. The fabric dancing in the wind was a spectacular sight.

On Refinery29: Brandis, Alexander McQueen

It wasn’t just Brandis’ fabulous Alexander McQueen skull scarf or her badass boots that led me to photograph her. Her amazing sense of confidence came through in the way she strutted down the street, which is what really caught my eye. Often times, it’s the intangible things that make an outfit pop for me. The fact that her walk is what attracted to me makes sense, considering she works for the Wilhelmina modeling agency.

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NYFW: Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast

Rumi Neely
One of my favorite things about New York Fashion Week is the opportunity to photograph all my favorite bloggers. Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast is at that top of my list and has been for years. She was the first personal style blogger I started avidly reading. That was back in late 2008. Before Rumi, I really only cared about street style blogs. I guess Fashion Toast was my gateway drug.

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