Street Style: Ian

Usually when I post a photo of a man, the comments either criticize how A) boring or B) crazy/outlandish he looks. I am starting to feel like I can’t win. And by extension, that men can’t win at fashion.

I present to you this photo of Ian, whose photo I originally didn’t post because the shots are slightly out of focus. I took this photo the first day I ever took my Canon 60D out, so that’s a cool piece of random trivia. Ian looked good enough for me to photograph him though. Admittedly I still don’t entirely comprehend male fashion – and what good men’s fashion looks like – and therefore I offer Ian’s picture as a sort of mea culpa.

My favorite male fashion bloggers’ outfits look nothing like the designs worn on men who walk the catwalks at the men’s RTW collections. It’s more like there’s a standard American guys’ look, and the only thing that changes from season-to-season are the proportions and color, and even then only slightly. That’s what confuses me. Women aspire to look like the supermodels on the runway, but it doesn’t seem to work that way with guys. I never see young fashionable guys in Chicago rocking skirts (a la Rick Owens) or pastel-on-pastel (a la Versace). In contrast, you can quite clearly see the trickle-down effect that the designer collections have on womenswear all the way from Barneys to Forever21. I’m never going to get men’s fashion so I’m just going to let my readers (and your comments) guide my understanding.

Eric’s Perfect Toggle Coat

Although many of us choose to don puffy coats now that winter is slowly creeping over Chicago, lots of look for ways to maintain our personal style despite the weather. Women have so many more varieties of winter coats to choose from so I thought this would be a great post for my male readers. Eric demonstrates how all you men out there can rock a non-puffy yet warm overcoat during the winter months. I love that the personality that the toggles bring to his look.

New York Street Style: Lincoln Center Gentleman

Important Man
Since this has become the unofficial week of menswear here on my blog, I figured why not cap it off with New York fashion week photo on Friday. When I exported this photo from Lightroom a few months ago I named it “Very Important Man” in haste, thinking to myself that I woldd go back and redact the filename once I had trawled through enough blogs to see who he is. Alas, I still have no name for this “very important man.” I’m sure he’s a famous fashion editor/buyer/designer. But I’m even more sure that my trusty readers will identify him for me… right guys?

There seems to be a definite trend amongst stylish men of wearing jackets that are just a tad bit too small. Is this really happening or is that pesky second X chromosome leading me to hallucinate?