Floral Dr. Martens, and Why Tavi Rules

November 30, 2011  |  Individuals, Loop, State Street, Streetstyle
AJ Kyciana Boots

Given the enormous popularity of the vintage floral Dr. Martens it makes sense that the cult boot company would revisit the concept. I love the contrasting elements between the tough combat boot shape and the feminine print. Seriously, is there anything girlier than wearing cascading pink flowers on your feet? No. Wait, well I suppose wearing a tiara would be… You could even rock both at once in a Courtney Love tribute to that glorious archetype of mid-1990s feminist rebellion!

Well, too bad Tavi beat you to it. And she deconstructed those references with more clarity than I ever could. So I’m not even going to try, lest I embarrass myself by revealing my profound lack of Riot Grrrl cultural knowledge in this post.

All that in a pair of boots. And that’s why Tavi kicks ass.

Ariel on State Street

I photographed Ariel last week while I was running errands downtown. Her blazer instantly caught my eye because, well, I own the same exact one! Last fall H&M made what could have been labeled a “capsule collection” of 5 pieces using this brocade fabric. The pieces were obviously “inspired by” the Balmain suit. Although I am staunchly against replicas (and there is a difference), I think it’s ok for mass-market retailers to water down designs for the masses. After all, any woman who can afford a $40,000 Balmain suit isn’t going to say to herself, “well, now that H&M makes a knock-off, maybe I shouldn’t spend the extra $39,940” and purchase the H&M version instead. If anything, I saw so many premier fashion designers copying from each other’s past collections during the Spring 2012 RTW shows that no one in fashion can say with a straight face that the industry isn’t built upon recycling ideas. How do you think trends get started?

Source: NYMag.com

Mike on Michigan Avenue

Mike’s enthralling leather jacket was customized entirely on his own. Hand-applied studs, paint, buttons, and leopard-print fabric compliment each other flawlessly. This is exactly the type of individual I look for on the streets, someone with that special aura of individuality and the courage to be themselves.