New York Street Style: Paper Bags

I’m still not sure where I stand on the paper bag pant, although this woman’s quirky take on the classic preppy aesthetic is a persuasive argument in favor of the garment. She feels so down to earth carrying a paper bag alongside her Chanel classic flap purse. Or maybe it’s the way she paired cuffed trousers with black oxfords for a chic riff on Oliver Twist. Either way, you can’t deny this woman has style.

New York Street Style: Blowing in the Wind

Billowing Coat
Here is another amazing candid photo from New York fashion week last September that I haven’t had a chance to publish yet. This photo is a persuasive argument for wearing full-length coats and sticking to a neutral color palette. The fabric dancing in the wind was a spectacular sight.

Virginie Mouzat at New York Fashion Week

Virginie Mouzat is the fashion editor of Parisian newspaper Le Figaro. Along with her fellow Parisian Carine Roitfeld, both have a serious love affair with Givenchy Fall 2011 novelty prints. Who can blame them?

This photo also demonstrates precisely why I believe candid street-style photos are superior to posed street-style shots. It is very difficult to take high-quality candid street-style photos on the streets of Chicago due to sidewalk crowding in the areas where fashion is the best. In fact, capturing amazing candids is one of the reasons I most look forward to shooting street style at New York fashion week. There is an unmistakable authenticity that cannot be reproduced or faked in a candid shot.