VIDEO: Azzedine Alaïa Retrospective, early 90s

December 23, 2011  |  Inspiration, Just For Fun, Video

Throughout the 1990s, I avidly watched E! Television’s runway show reruns on Saturday mornings and late at night. I also watched the E! fashion specials, like this retrospective on Azzedine Alaïa. I wish E! would bring this type of programming back, there’s definitely a market for serious fashion journalism. Oh, and last time I checked the ‘Style’ network was airing shows called “What I Hate About Me” and “Plastic Makes Perfect.” Um, NO THANKS.

Hearing Grace Jones venerate Alaïa, and watching him fit her, is everything.

Mary Katrantzou Applique Dress

December 18, 2011  |  Inspiration, Just For Fun, Trends
Mary Katrantzou
Mary Katrantzou Jewel Tree Dress

From time to time, a fashion designer creates something so awe-inspiring, so breathtaking, that it transcends its identity as clothing and becomes art. Mary Katrantzou is one such designer with a gift for transforming the mundane – interior settings, flowers – into extraordinary pieces. This three-dimensional applique Jewel Tree dress is the crown jewel in the FW11 collection. Since it’s on sale, it can be yours for only $4,260 on Net-A-Porter. We can dream, right?

Matt "The Gaudy God" Kasin’s New Website

Matt Gaudy God
Today Matt Kasin’s much anticipated new website is launching. You’ll be able to find all things Gaudy God here, but don’t forget to follow him on his Tumblr to see what inspires him. Matt has been one of my favorite street-style subjects since the very beginning of this website. I was super excited to  photograph his nail designs for the Refinery29 story, “14 Nail Art Snaps that Give Us Major Envy because I knew it’d give me an excuse to photograph his street style too. Several of the nail designs featured were painted by him. Although Matt is best known for selling vintage clothes and original designs under the Gaudy God label, he’s also a manicurist at the Strange Beauty Show salon just south of Division on Ashland. For proof of his amazing skills check out the photos I took of his work for Refinery29 in their entirety (and un-Instagramed) below.
Strange Beauty Show is located at 1118 North Ashland. Call 773-252-9522 to make an appointment.
Follow Matt on Twitter, @GaudyGod.