Tim & Jess, Denim Chambray Shirts



Denim chambray shirts were uber-popular at New York fashion week (see here and here for women’s looks). Although let’s be honest here, this is another one of those iconic pieces editors and brands love to present as the must have item for the season. But along with loafer heels and blazers, the denim chambray shirt never goes out of style. Sure the cuts and lines shift as years change, but a well-made denim shirt that fits you well is always worth investing in, regardless of the diktats of the fashion mags. It’s not just a throwaway trend piece to pick up at Always18 etc. Unless you’re looking for one missing the pocket, in which case you can pick up Tim’s shirt at TopShop where he works. That store is full fantastically trendy clothing, that’s why it exists, and they’re great at what they do. Everyone needs to update their wardrobe with trendy pieces each season, and Topshop is a great place to go.

exiting car PS
I dug up this gem of a photo of an editor exiting a limousine during NYFW

However, if you’re looking for a classic denim shirt that will stand the test of time, I pulled some great pieces for both men and women at a variety of price points:


Dockers, Chambray Shirt, $33

GANT, Rugger New Haven Chambray Shirt, $115

ASOS, Double Faced Chambray Shirt, $55

Lanvin, Grosgrain Ribbon Collar Chambray Shirt, $530


Mango, Chambray Shirt, $79

J.Crew, Chambray Shirt, $69

Madewell, Perfect Chambray Shirt, $47.50

Balmain, Chambray Western Shirt, $1085

*Tim was also featured in my recent The Feast/NBC video, which you can watch here.

NBC VIDEO: Two Minutes with Amy Creyer

I hope you take the time to watch this two minute video I made with NBC Chicago’s local site The Feast. It’s about how to be spotted by street style photographers in Chicago. I give location tips and style advice. The key? To have great style while also expressing your individuality. The easy answer is to mix textures and wear lots of color, but it’s really about creating a personal sense of style that sets you apart from the crowd.

As for what I wore, here goes the outfit credits: shirt, Suno; pants, Uniqlo; shoes, Maison Martin Margiela; bag, vintage Chloe; necklace and headband, J.Crew; bracelets, Erin Gordon x Sarca. The earrings were made by me and contain 3 Middle East good luck charms; the scarab, the crescent moon, and a Lamu dhow eye from eastern Kenya. If you want a pair, email me and I’ll make them for you!

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In The New York Times: Stylish Hats

kianna CU

My street-style photos of Kianna (above) and Fatima Robinson made it into the New York Times reader’s street-style section this week.

Click here to view the slideshow featuring photos of everyday people in stylish hats.