New York Street Style: Sarah Rutson

Sarah Rutson is one of my personal style icons. She is constantly reinventing garments and combines a ladylike gentility with a hard-edged directional undercurrent. A few months ago I did a whole post about how much I love her style; click here to read it. I took this photo of her at New York fashion week in September 2011 outside of Alexander Wang.

New York Street Style: Vika Gazinskaya

December 20, 2011  |  Designers, Fashion Week, New York, Streetstyle

I crop most of my street style photos quite close to the subject. With this photo of Vika Gazinskaya, a Russian designer who counts Miroslava Duma amongst her supporters, I thought that the background was an unusually compelling element to the shot. I love how it feels like she’s engulfed by trees and concrete yet totally peaceful.

 Vogue via Instagram

Yesterday I posted a photo of Caroline Trentini rocking a red peplum from an editorial in the January 2012 issue of American Vogue on my Instagram (@ChiStreetStyle). I thought choosing a photo from my archives with a similar look would be a great way to encourage all of you who haven’t followed me on Instagram yet to start today.

New York Street Style: Blowing in the Wind

Billowing Coat
Here is another amazing candid photo from New York fashion week last September that I haven’t had a chance to publish yet. This photo is a persuasive argument for wearing full-length coats and sticking to a neutral color palette. The fabric dancing in the wind was a spectacular sight.