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July 28, 2014

On my way to meet friends for a drink in Bucktown I spotted Denise, whose effortless sense of style immediately charmed me. I’m also partial to white nail polish, so that’s an easy way to get my attention. More importantly, she’s wearing a dress made from “sweatshirt gray” material. It’s a color I’m exploring in my own wardrobe as of late. Although I took baby steps at first, now I’m in love with its athletic-cool sensibility.


Just like Denise, I combine sweatshirt gray with crystal jewelry to balance its inherent ultra-casualness. Alexander Wang has been elevating the material for years along with 3.1 Phillip Lim and Rag & Bone so I’m a little ashamed it took me so long to warm up to the trend. Better late than never – right!?


EDIT: Denise recently started a blog and sent me the link. Check out more of her great style over at Winged Almonds!

Dinner at the W Lakeshore

Dinner at the W Lakeshore

July 24, 2014

Last week the W Lakeshore hosted a dinner party for a few of Chicago’s leading fashion influencers to introduce the glittering $40 million renovation. As the only hotel on Lake Michigan, the views are breathtaking at every level, even at the first floor restaurant CURRENT. I was thankful for the opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy a decadent 15-course meal courtesy of Chef Gregory Elliot with a few of my favorite girls.




The W Lakeshore was completely redesigned from top to bottom with brand-new gilded interiors as luxe as they are welcoming, along with the new restaurant CURRENT. The views of the lake are so stunning that it looks like you’re dining at the oceanfront. The breeze rolls in from across Lake Michigan, lending a luxurious freshness to the atmosphere that I’ve never felt anywhere else in Chicago. It truly does feel like you’re on the beach!




From polenta fries to an incredible seafood medley, every single dish was phenomenal. The dessert included a tiramisu that’s simply divine, and gourmet cookies as a perfect finishing touch. I have never left a dinner party so full that my hunger was sated for 24 hours until the following night. The dent in my diet was well worth it for an evening full of delicious food and delightful conversation.

Pitchfork 2014... 90s Florals and Flannel

Pitchfork 2014… 90s Florals and Flannel

July 23, 2014

Lots of the street-style I saw at Pitchfork this weekend was inspired by the 90s. Makes sense, given that the fashion cycle recycles every 20 years. Florals and flannels seem to have achieved timeless fashion reference status, as seen in recent 3.1 Phillip Lim and Saint Laurent collections.



Saint Laurent Spring 2013 via Stylesight


Of course, I find it much more exciting to see what real girls are wearing on the streets. Don’t you?


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