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April 23, 2013  |  Editorial

Obsessively checking Net-A-Porter’s “What’s New” page is one of my treasured internet hobbies. Why? If you want to score the must-have pieces on Net-A-Porter, you have to be quick. Last week I was only a couple hours behind my usual schedule and I missed the must-have Kenzo tee when it hit the floor and sold out in an hour, but I digress. I also love checking out What’s New because it exposes me to new designers, even if I’ll only ever just fantasize about owning their pieces.



And that’s exactly what happened when I saw Parisian jewelry designer Lydia Courteille’s Scorpion Ring, which looks like a magical amulet used to cast spells on enemies. My boss once joked that I am not someone to be crossed at work, but I think she was only half-kidding…


Lydia Courteille’s latest jewelry collection, the otherworldly ‘Gardens of Xochimilco,’ is inspired by the legendary Aztec floating gardens in Mexico City. Jewel-encrusted creatures like lizards, spiders and scorpions sit alongside the Santa Muerte pendant, an opulent tribute to an icon of Mesoamerican culture.

lydia courteille skeleton xochimilco


Forget about tastefully understated diamonds from Tiffany – if you’re going to go all out on an exorbitant piece, this is how you do it. I mean seriously, does jewelry get any more baller than a diamond-encrusted skeleton? No, it does not. As if you had any doubts…


Scorpion ring, Net-A-Porter

Spider ring, Couture Lab

Santa Muerte pendant,


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  1. This was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

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