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I’m on Blonde Bedhead!

Me_Amy Creyer Full Figure
Check me out on Blonde Bedhead today! Thanks for writing such a wonderful post about me Andrea!
Blonde Bedhead: Amy, November 23, 2011
I love pairing my gifted Gap corduroys with last season’s Celine leather ankle boots. This has become my unofficial fall uniform. The Pendleton blazer from the mid-1980s was thrifted for $5 and joins my teal snake-skin belt on the list of “most amazing finds.” The We Are Owls scarf from Sarca is the perfect way to integrate skulls (my favorite motif, duh) into any look without going overboard. Sometimes a giant skull knuckle ring and skull-and-crossbones earrings are too much in the office, you know? 😉

On Refinery29: Andrea, Blonde Bedhead

Andrea Kerbuski Amy
Those of you who are familiar with my website and the Chicago fashion blog world in general already know who Andrea Kerbuski is. She needs no introduction. I hadn’t met up with her in a long time so we arranged to meet at the Eugenia Kim trunk show, which you can read about here on Blonde Bedhead. Not many people know this but Andrea is the only fashion blogger who is also a part of my personal social network; she and I have several friends in common back from our Michigan State days. Although strangely, we never crossed paths during our school days (before either of us had blogs). It wasn’t until she moved to Chicago that we finally met as we had both heard about each other through mutual friends (*cough* Karrin and Haley *cough*).

Make sure to check out Andrea’s photo on Refinery29 Chicago here.

Sacha Martin, Isabel Marant Fringe Boots (A Saga)

How I met Sacha Martin, co-owner of two amazing boutiques in Minneapolis, is kind of a funny story. Walking around meeting random strangers all day tends to create them more often than not! So I was walking up and down Rush Street last Sunday, back when it was still warm enough for me to [mistakenly] leave my gloves at home. Won’t make that mistake again. My hands had started to freeze so I decided to duck into Barneys to thaw off.
One of my favorite things about street-style hunting in the winter is that I have an excuse to go into amazing stores to warm up and window shop. I was walking around inside Barneys trying to warm up while admiring the Celine. Good fashion warms the soul too, right? And out of the corner of my eyes I spotted the most amazing pair of Isabel Marant fringe boots on a drop dead gorgeous woman meandering around the second floor.
I did the thing I never do. 
I went up to Sacha and asked if those were indeed Isabel Marants. Of course they were, what a dumb question! I only asked it so I had an excuse to talk to her, and casually mention that I am a street-style photographer and I would love to photograph her outside – when she was done shopping of course. She smiled and said ‘yes, definitely!’ I am ethically and morally opposed to pulling people out of stores. First I think it’s cheating, secondly I think it’s unethical to pull a [potentially] paying customer out of a business establishment, and thirdly I think it reflects poorly on the photographer in the eyes of sales associates and other customers. The second someone I spot walks into a store, if I didn’t have a chance to catch up to them, I give up.
But I knew Sacha’s photo was going to be so good! So I waited. And waited. And waited. I watched the sun set at a heart-wrenchingly early 4 p.m. I slowly witnessed the shadows crawl farther and farther up the gleaming 900 Tower, whose windows shone like jewels in the fading sunlight. The worst part of winter for me isn’t the blistering wind, the freezing cold temperatures, or even the metropolis-disabling snowstorms. It’s the lack of sunlight. I thought about all this while I stood silently on the sidewalk, pacing up and down Rush looking for other people to photograph in the meantime.
Then finally, after what seemed like an hour but was really only 20 minutes, she appeared like a mirage out of the side door! My patient efforts had not been in vain! The sun had almost fallen too low, and I had to manually set my shutter speed to 1/60 to prevent blur. It had become that dim, even with a fully open aperture at f/1.4. I’m so happy I broke my own rule just a tiny bit. Sacha and her boyfriend Davey were cool as hell, incredibly nice, and excited to meet me. Both had not only heard of my website, they’d actually read it! We chatted about their backgrounds; as I mentioned at the beginning of this post Sacha is a co-owner of Bluebird and LadySlipper in Minneapolis. Davey produces music videos, and his photo will be going up in the next week or so too. I was (and am) so flattered that  two amazing people like them read my blog. Like I said in the video for The Feast/NBC Chicago, it literally DOES make me the happiest person in the world. What an honor!
Follow Sacha on twitter, @SachaMartin, and make sure to check out her stores if you’re ever in Minneapolis.