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London, I Live For People Like You

London Full
London Hands
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London three quarters

The title of this post comes from my parting words to London after I photographed him: 

I live for people like you. 

Given that my eyes are always scanning for people to photograph, seeing someone like London enter my field of vision is like watching a birthday wish come true in real time. Or like stumbling upon an oasis in the desert; it’s too amazing to be true so it must be a mirage, but then you realize this is really happening. That’s how I feel when I see the street-style equivalent of an exotic bird of paradise on the streets of Chicago. It’s also why I always carry my tiny but powerful Olympus PEN camera with me at all times. I often find the best people when I least expect to, as I did last Wednesday on my way home from a doctor’s visit.

Plus anyone who mixes Balenciaga with pieces from legendary New York boutique Trash & Vaudeville was born to be on this website.

Leather Shorts… at Alexander Wang

leather shorts outside wang
I spent two days shopping along Michigan Avenue with my family, who came up to spend Thanksgiving with me in Chicago. My littlest brother Matt is 17 and very, um, particular when it comes to selecting new shoes. According to him, my eye for fashion is outweighed by the fact that I’m his older sister, and therefore inevitably biased towards clothing that makes him look lame. Clearly he didn’t want any advice from me on what to wear, or buy. He only wanted to know what his older (my younger) brother Will thought. Fair enough!
So I ditched him, my mom, and my other younger brother Will in the Nordstrom shoe department to wander around the third floor. It was there that I happened upon the most fantastic pair of leather shorts. Aaaahhhhhhhh! I wanted them so badly! The moment I saw them, I knew it. My feelings had changed. I always hated leather shorts, I thought they were too provocative for me to wear. I’m firmly planted on the man-repeller side of fashion. But these ones were perfect, and not too sexy! When I leaned in to inspect them closer, I saw why I loved them so much. The brilliant Alexander Wang, who creates cool clothes I can actually afford, was the man behind them.
Which brings me to this photo! I vaguely remembered photographing a girl in leather shorts outside of his Spring 2012 show last September. Of course, when I got home later that night I went through the archives to find it. Discovering these leather shorts at Nordie’s finally gave me the chance to post this image. It’s inspiration too! Add a pair of tights or thigh-high socks to these bad boys and I’d be good to go for winter.

What about you, would you wear leather shorts?

Brittany of Britticisms


Like many of you, I’ve been spending the long weekend with family and friends. I wanted to get this photo up before I dashed out of the house to visit the Museum of Science and Industry with my mom and little brother Matt, which is why it went up without a caption. Although really, does Brittany’s photo need one? Her deft ability to mix textures and prints speaks for itself.

Plus, I am obsessed with her shoes. As a woman who lives in flats I’m always looking for amazing pairs on women while I’m out and about. How cool are these? I can see them easily transitioning from work to play.

EDIT: Thank you Refinery29 for featuring Brittany’s photo and for reminding me to link to Brittany’s website. I had no idea she ran a fashion blog when I stopped her and I forgot to write down the link to her Tumblr, Britticisms. So here it is! (thanks Shani)