London, I Live For People Like You

London Full
London Hands
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London three quarters

The title of this post comes from my parting words to London after I photographed him: 

I live for people like you. 

Given that my eyes are always scanning for people to photograph, seeing someone like London enter my field of vision is like watching a birthday wish come true in real time. Or like stumbling upon an oasis in the desert; it’s too amazing to be true so it must be a mirage, but then you realize this is really happening. That’s how I feel when I see the street-style equivalent of an exotic bird of paradise on the streets of Chicago. It’s also why I always carry my tiny but powerful Olympus PEN camera with me at all times. I often find the best people when I least expect to, as I did last Wednesday on my way home from a doctor’s visit.

Plus anyone who mixes Balenciaga with pieces from legendary New York boutique Trash & Vaudeville was born to be on this website.


  1. Reminds me smidge of Lenny Kravitz but when I see something like this I wonder what they will think when they look back when their 80+, will it be 'what was I thinking' or will it be 'wow those were the days!'

  2. I think in this guy's case, it will be like "wow those were the days". He is one cool dude and he definitely brings to mind Lenny Kravitz.

  3. this dude certainly belongs in London as his name suggests. fashion forward and daring. i love it.

  4. he is quite interesting!

  5. Isolove London, keep turning heads with your knock dead style. Not everyone can execute this like you.

  6. Keep doin yah thing unc…u already know that i have your back in whatever you do pursue….i freakin love yah, you always had your own stlye even then back in the day..and you never changed unc, thats what i love about you..stay true to your roots

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