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Evenings in VOGUE at the Public Chicago Hotel

October 28, 2011  |  Amy's Friends, Fashion Events, Parties
J.Lynne Bredfeldt, Coco Meers, and me!*

After a much needed break from socializing in the Chicago fashion scene**, I figured a Vogue party at the Public Chicago Hotel was the perfect way to reappear. After all, as a Vogue blogger myself I couldn’t not attend, right? I sipped down sparkling water as I mingled with friends, including hosts J.Lynne Bredfeldt and Coco Meers. It was great to see so many familiar faces in such an amazing environment. Thanks Vogue, Lynne, and Coco for such a wonderful evening!
*All photos courtesy of SocialLifeChicago
**a.k.a. Fashion Burn-out

Alice, by the Historic Water Tower

TopShop Employee 2 armparty2
Alice necklace

Forget leopard print, how about dairy cow print? And add in a bright red collar to keep things quirky yet fashion-forward. I love all of Alice’s woven bracelets too; they’re a nice contrast to the metal necklaces around her neck.

Chloe, Oak Street in the Gold Coast

Chloe flare CU

Chloe flare half

I already thought Chloe was cool as hell for her off-kilter approach to traditional American prep-school fashion. But when I saw she came complete with accurately monogrammed sweater (CB are her initials), and heard that she even added the feather details to the hat herself, I realized I had come across one amazing individual. If only everyone in Chicago had the courage to take a fashion concept and twist it to make it their own, my job would be so much easier!