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Happy Halloween from Sexy Sax Man

Saxophone guy

Best. Costume. Ever.

Ashley and Friends, Outside Giorgio Armani

October 31, 2011  |  Close-ups, Gold Coast, Individuals, Streetstyle
Ashley Closeup

When I spotted Ashley out front of Giorgio Armani on Chicago Avenue, she and her equally stylish friends instantly caught my eye. Amidst a sea of monotonous black fleece jackets, these three girls were a delightful contrast against the deluge of homogeneity. Their vintage and thrifted clothing demonstrates the creative approach to dressing that many young & stylish Chicagoans have adopted. In many ways this idea is what currently defines the city’s street style (see Chicago Looks for more proof). Compared to last fall, I’m already seeing more individuality in the ways Chicagoans are dressing for cold weather. Hopefully my colleagues and I are inspiring people to dress better in hopes of being spotted by one of us!

 J Buck
J Buck

Jackie, Lumberjack Plaid

October 29, 2011  |  Gold Coast, Individuals, Streetstyle, Trends
Jackie Amy
What could be more perfect (and chic) for cold weather than a red plaid print reminiscent of a lumberjack? You see, this trend only works if you’re a girl. It’s all about flipping the scripts.