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Vintage Tabi Shoes from Japan

Danny shoes

I spotted Danny strolling down Rush Street with his friend Jasmin. It was Danny’s vintage Japanese Tabi
shoes that truly caught my eye. When I asked him if they are uncomfortable he told me that they’re actually the most comfortable shoes he owns because of the way they conform to his foot. Consider these the high fashion version of the Vibram five-fingers shoes.
To see Danny’s full-length photo, click below.



Jasmin CU
People like Jasmine are my primary source of inspiration – the kind of people who just don’t give a fuck and dress however they damn well please. This is the best part of street-style. I can’t tell you how happy I was to randomly spot a woman like this in the Gold Coast, out front of Barneys no less.

Adina in Military Chic

Military-inspired fashion is a look that will always be in style. Adina’s dress captures the best of army chic with her olive green flowing dress with cute military pocket detailing. The folded leather belt has gone from a quirky Michael Kors flourish to a full-on mainstream trend.

A few weeks ago my friend Megan Weinerman and I went to an Army Navy store on the North Side and found some amazing pieces for our wardrobes. I still haven’t had a chance to type up the story (sorry Megan!) but I promise lots of exciting clandestine cell phone pictures by the end of this week.