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On Refinery29: Dani (Electric Forest Update)

Dani WM
See the original post on Refinery29 here.
Dani’s music concert ready look is getting me pumped for Electric Forest Festival this weekend! EFF is set on the Double JJ Ranch just like its predecessor Rothbury. The big change was a shift towards electronica and jamtronica and the primary festival grounds will now be Sherwood Forest. I am most excited about Sunday night, which features Pretty Lights from 11pm to 12:30 am and EOTO until 1:15 a.m. This year promises to be much more laid back and with much less pressure than in years past, as my festival partner this year is my best friend from college. I’m looking forward to relaxing and taking it easy with one of my favorite people on the planet. I need a vacation!!!
BUT – being the workaholic that I am, I will still technically be working. I am traveling to EFF to document the fashion of the festival goers. I am very much looking forward to a break from urban street-style hunting and am excited to document the kaleidoscopic looks the festies and female wooks bring to these rural environments. As a member of the press, I have access to power and wi-fi, so expect updates through out the weekend!

Becky in AllSaints Spitalfields

Becky Detail

I instantly recognized Becky’s dress as being from AllSaints Spitalfields since I just purchased the same style in black on the day the store opened. I love the whole AllSaints aesthetic and am looking forward to photographing more of their pieces on the streets. Becky completes her steampunk look with a timepiece belt and canvas sandals.

Linda (For Ines)

I spotted Linda at the Taste of Chicago food festival in Grant Park yesterday evening. She and her husband are visiting from San Francisco where they live. What really captured my eye, aside from the obvious Fourth of July reference, were the woven leather accessories and large gold hoop earrings. I love when different elements of a look are coordinated without being matchy-matchy; here, woven leather flats are paired with a thin woven leather belt. The reason this works is because the shoes are nude while the belt is mahogany.

Without any question, Linda was the most stylish person I saw in the hour I spent searching at Taste of Chicago. Actually, she is the only person I photographed the whole time I was there. Therefore I dedicate this photo to my friend Ines for giving me a challenge I couldn’t refuse.