Celine Purse as a Book Bag


I photographed DePaul college student Holly last summer with her Celine Luggage Tote. Yesterday I spotted her on campus using a red Celine shoulder envelope bag to carry her notebook to class.

I ask you, Is there anything more chic?


  1. Does Holly work at the Nordstrom downtown? She looks oddly familiar? If so, I always admire her style when I am in the store shopping! Especially her mix of beat-up boots, tights, and fancy dresses/skirts!

  2. Is that a book?

  3. I do believe she works at Nordstrom (not 100% sure) and yes that is a notebook.

  4. woooow when i was in college the fanciest thing i wore to school was a PUMA bag hahaha this is like a million time better!!!

  5. LOVE it!! fantastic color and multi-purpose!

  6. Geez! I would love one as a purse!!! And she is using it as a bookbag!

  7. @Kaycee if only ALL of us could use Celine purses at backpacks. Holly is amazingly nice and completely down-to-earth. I have to say that every time I've met her she's always been very kind and patient. I like to get the best shot possible with her because she's always dressed to the nines.

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